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Twilight Patina Topaz Ring

Twilight Patina Topaz Ring

Handcrafted with ❤️ by Odd Jewelry
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This handcrafted ring is a masterpiece of contrast and color. Made from oxidized silver, it boasts a distinctive darkened, vintage appearance complemented by a gold patina that imparts a subtle, warm sheen. At its heart lies a striking blue topaz gemstone, rectangular in shape with a faceted surface that captivates by catching and reflecting light. The bezel setting not only secures the gem but also accentuates its luminous clarity. Designed with a modern sensibility, this piece stands out for the stark contrast between the topaz and the richly antiqued metalwork, embodying both elegance and contemporary flair.

  • 🪙 Material: Sterling 925 Silver
  • 💎 Stones: blue topaz
  • 💍 Circumference: 54 mm
  • ⚖️ Weight: 7 g
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