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    Welcome to Odd Jewelry, your go-to destination for unusual jewelry that's handcrafted with love in Riga, Latvia. We cater to the bold and daring souls who crave distinctive, one-of-a-kind pieces that make a statement. Our unwavering commitment to design and craftsmanship is evident in each creation.

    Discover our collection of unusual jewelry, crafted using only the finest precious and semi-precious stones, to guarantee a piece that's as remarkable as you are. Alongside our extraordinary jewelry, we offer an assortment of hand-embroidered clothing and furniture to accentuate your individual style.

    At Odd Jewelry, we prioritize quality above all else. Rest assured that every item comes with verified fineness and stone certificates, ensuring you're investing in an extraordinary piece that's truly unique.

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A collection of unusual jewelry in which imperfections become the main tools of expression – they look as if they were forged in medieval Riga, not in the 21st century. In addition to jewelry, the brand also produces hand-embroidered clothing and furniture.